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Health And Safety Program Manual New Brunswick Canada:

A health and safety program is required under the New Brunswick Occupational Health and Safety Act (WorkSafe New Brunswick) for provincially-regulated employers in New Brunswick with 20 or more employees: "regularly employed. 8.1(1) Every employer with 20 or more employees regularly employed in the Province shall establish a written health and safety program, in consultation with the committee or the health and safety representative".

The program requirement is tied to employers in New Brunswick, not workplaces. Therefore, employers must take into account all of their operations in the province of New Brunswick. If, for example, an employer has an operation in one location with 15 regularly employed employees and another five regularly employed employees in another location, the employer will be required to comply with the provisions of subsection 8(1) to establish a safety policy and 8.1(1) for a program..

​Contractors and sub-contractors must have a program if they have 20 or more employees directly employed. Sub-contractors and their employees working for the contractors would not be counted in the number.

What will be included in the content of your custom New Brunswick health and safety program manual?
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